The Collective Motion Laboratory

For those who have experienced it, there is no doubt that trance rituals can profoundly impact human experience and connect individuals in a larger group consciousness. Yet moments like this are rare, and objectively-speaking, we have little idea what transpires to create such transformations. The Collective Motion Laboratory was formed with the purpose of documenting the subjective and objective phenomena of collective consciousness, especially in the context of electronic dance music. The group aims to use technology and scientific methodology to study and ultimately to enhance the power of such liminal experiences.

Alexandre Azinheira | Ana Nunes | Eric DeWitt | Filipe Carvalho | Gautam Agarwal | Gil Costa | Gonçalo Guiomar | Gonçalo Lopes | João Frazão | Romain Ligneul | Scott Rennie | Tiago Quendera | Zachary Mainen |